Pilates at Move With Studio is based off the original work and principles Joseph Pilates founded his method on in the early 1900s, but takes a modern twist with a focus on current evidence based movement practices and proper bio-mechanic form and alignment. It is ever evolving and can be tailored to each body that is in the studio on any given day.

The foundation of the Pilates at Move With Studio starts with the connection to breath, finding your center, and moving functionally from your core first. Our goal is to have a sense of flow in all of our classes and for movements to be layered in an effective and creative way so there is a sense of ease in transition all while you are getting a full body, functional workout.

With regular practice, Pilates at Move With Studio will bring you better balance, comprehensive strength, an elongated frame, and the ability to move better and with more ease in your daily life.

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pilates private sessions

Pilates Private Sessions are the best way to accelerate the learning curve for those who are new to Pilates and maximize the results for specific goals. Privates are also ideal for those who may be recovering from an injury, pre or post natal, or those wanting to tailor their sessions to a specific focus. Our qualified instructors at Move With Studio can assess each client’s needs and make recommendations for a program that fits each individual.


pilates duet sessions

Why workout alone? Duets are a great option for those wanting the specific instruction of a private session, but to do it with a friend or a partner. This is a cost effective, and motivating way to workout with tailored instruction alongside of friend or loved one.

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pilates equipment classes

Move With Studio’s small Group Reformer and Equipment classes are taught in an intimate setting with qualified instructors who will not only give you a great workout, but will also teach you about your body and help you establish a better connection to your movement. We have multiple types of classes that are suitable for the beginner to the advanced practitioner.

Kind Words from the Move With community


I’ve visited numerous studios in the Bay Area and in other major cities within the United States. Of the studios I’ve visited and instructors I’ve encountered, Kelsey Wiedenhoefer is the powerhouse you’ve been searching for! Kelsey’s approach to Pilates is structured, yet progressive. Though her knowledge in classical Pilates is très sophisticated, she cultivates and tailors each class differently. I’ve been an avid student of Kelsey’s for 5+ years and continue to enjoy her teaching, supportive nature and the aura she brings to each class. 

- Gia L


After major spine surgery, Kelsey helped me to get back to my life and we’ve exceeded expectations. 4 years later, her workouts and the community she’s created are still among the best part of my day!

- Mary M


 I have had many pilates reformer teachers and no one comes close to Diana. She is the most patient, the most pleasant, the most knowledgeable and the best I’ve ever worked with. I recommend her highly to anyone.

- Melinda H


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