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Pilates at Move With Studio is based on the original work and principles of Joseph Pilates with a modern twist. We focus on proper bio-mechanic form and alignment. With regular practice, Pilates at Move With Studio will increase balance, promote comprehensive strength and establish an elongated frame.

We want to help you move better and with more ease in your daily life.

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Private Pilates

Pilates Private Sessions are the best way to accelerate the learning curve for those who are new to Pilates and maximize the results for specific goals. Privates are also ideal for those who may be recovering from an injury, pre or post natal, or those wanting to tailor their sessions to a specific focus. Our qualified instructors at Move With Studio can assess each client’s needs and make recommendations for a program that fits each individual.


New Client Single Private - 85
New Client Three Pack - 250

Single Private Session - 95
Series of Five - 460
Series of Ten - 900


After major spine surgery, Kelsey helped me to get back to my life and we’ve exceeded expectations. 4 years later, her workouts and the community she’s created are still among the best part of my day!

- Mary M


I have had many pilates reformer teachers and no one comes close to Diana. She is the most patient, the most pleasant, the most knowledgeable and the best I’ve ever worked with. I recommend her highly to anyone.

- Melinda H

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