Move With Studio, located in El Cerrito, California, is a unique boutique Pilates and movement studio offering Pilates, Small Group Classes and Fascial Stretch Therapy. 

Move With Studio, nestled in the East Bay is a unique boutique Pilates and movement studio that is female owned and operated. Our classes are small because we believe that attention to detail and form is what will bring lasting positive change to our bodies.

As we age, caring for and nurturing our bodies becomes a lifestyle choice and a way to maintain good health, but also challenging what we are capable of and testing our physical strength is of equal importance. At Move With Studio we aim to do both. Pilates and functional movement practices have proven to better our strength, balance and endurance both inside the studio and out in our daily lives. Our goal at Move With Studio is to empower our clients to live full, strong and healthy lives.

Unlike large health clubs or franchised chain studios, Move With Studio is firmly rooted in the community and provides a positive space not just for movement, but also a space for deeper connection, lasting friendships and fun. We promote a community that is continually learning from one another and lifting each other up to be better and move better.


About the owner

Kelsey Wiedenhoefer is a California native, she grew up in the Fresno area and has lived all over the state from San Diego to Palm Springs. Her most recent project before opening Move With Studio was co-founding and teaching at Maiden Lane Studios in San Francisco. After 6 years of developing a solid community of movers in the heart of the city she decided it was time to focus on new projects in the East Bay. Oakland is where Kelsey currently resides and considers her home.

As a member of a long lineage of athletes, dancers, and teachers, Kelsey’s love of movement and comprehensively teaching it to others is in her blood. After playing collegiate volleyball at UCSD, Kelsey pursued a career in conscious movement. She completed the BASI Comprehensive Pilates certification and became a Master Barre Instructor for Tracey Mallett Fitness, leading teacher trainings all over the world. Kelsey also received the highest level of training through the Stretch to Win: Fascial Stretch Therapy Program, and is a Level 3 Fascial Stretch Specialist. Her confluence of training, movement, and care for the body acutely represents why Kelsey’s clients are devoted to her system.

Kelsey’s instruction celebrates movement that is intelligent, functional, and connects mind with body. Rather than focus on calorie-burning goals, Kelsey’s practice with clients is centered around developing strength and physical awareness. Her clients are able to perform daily activities – at work, at home, and at play – with increased poise, flexibility, and confidence. She tailors each session for her clients’ needs, focusing on form and alignment above all else, while incorporating creativity to vary experiences and keeping routines fresh.

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Pilates is complete coordination
of body, mind, and spirit.
— Joseph Pilates