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Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction, relaxation, and promoting healing. Rei is a word for “universal” and Ki is one for "life force” or “life energy’. Reiki is administered by a “laying on hands” that allows our inner energy to release and flow freely to promote healing and centering.


First Session - 90
Single Session - 105
Pack of Three - 300
Pack of Six - 570

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About Kim Fabio

Kim is an Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master and a 200-hour Certified Yoga Instructor. From a young age, Kim found herself psychically tuning in to the emotions of those around her. She later realized that this skill classified her as an Empath. Reiki and yoga allowed her to embrace being an Empath, and provided her with the tools to connect to others on a deeper, energetic level. Kim provides a safe space for her clients and will work with you to clear energetic imbalances and attain overall wellbeing. She has witnessed first hand how Reiki can help us cope with grief, anger, illnesses, and allow our Ki (life force) to flow freely within us so that we may operate at our highest vibrations and be our best selves.



I’ve tried for a long time to do it alone, to find answers within myself, but I always fell short. I needed help outside myself. Kim is a powerful conduit — someone who has helped me navigate the deep grief of losing my brother and the internal fears of not being good enough. With Kim’s help, I’m finding my light, setting energetic boundaries, and discovering what’s under all of the anxiety I feel. Each session brings up a lot of emotions and I’m learning to sit with them. I decide what’s mine, what baggage to keep and what to let go of. I have more awareness of how my empathic nature can make or break me, how powerful it is to pause, and then speak up. I feel lighter and brighter than ever before. - Christina K


Reiki is very vulnerable and with Kim I never felt like I had to hold back. I always felt so safe and grounded.She works very intuitively, has a very gentle touch, and often uses sounds and smells to support a healing environment. After Reiki with Kim, I always feel a shift in my energy-sometimes working through hard things, sometimes getting more centered and connected. HIGHLY recommend!!” - Chelsea C.

Reiki FAQ's

What can I expect from a Reiki session?
A Reiki session is a unique experience for each individual. Reiki is not a form of massage, however the practitioner may use a gentle laying of the hands on the body to perform the session. A hands off position may be taken if you prefer to not me touched. The 55 minute sessions will take place with the client laying down in a comfortable position, supported by bolsters and blankets. Most of the time, an energy session is described as a sensory experience. You might start seeing colors, experience twitching, tingling sensations, sensation of floating, find your body warming or cooling or feel waves of energy/electricity running through the body. You might find yourself in a deep meditative state, fall asleep or process emotions during the session. Please know, that all of the above is normal.

What should I wear?
Please wear comfortable clothes, i.e, t-shirt and sweatpants or leggings. If you are coming from a workout please change into a fresh set of clothes.

Do you use lotions or oils?
Sometimes essential oils are used to enhance a Reiki Session. If you have allergies or you are sensitive to essential oils or smells like sage, palo santo, lavender, eucalyptus etc, please let us know at the beginning of the session.

Can I workout right before or right after my session?
You can workout before or after an Reiki session. Our recommendation is to work out first.

Is Reiki painful?
Reiki Sessions are pain-free.

The wound is the place
where the Light enters you.
— Rumi