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Reformer Foundation
Level 1

Our Foundation class is suitable for both beginners and those wanting to brush up on the basics. This class is still challenging, but at an accommodating pace so that clients can get a better understanding of the Pilates Principles.  This class helps each student learn how to effectively engage and work their “core,” gain full body strength, and move in correct alignment. Class sizes are small so that each client can get individualized attention and modifications where necessary.

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Reformer Flow
Level 2

Reformer Flow is Move With Studio’s signature class geared toward the intermediate to mixed level student. These classes build off the foundations into progressive sequences that will work the entire body. Expect a class that is athletic and creative, but to move intentionally and find a deeper connection to your body. Because class sizes are small modifications and variations can be made for students to keep the class challenging but accessible. This class is not recommended for those with injuries or brand new to Pilates.

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Reformer Progressions
Level 2/3

Our intermediate to advanced level reformer class is suited for the Pilates Practitioner who likes a challenge and faster paced class. Expect for movements and sequences to build in intensity throughout the class and to leave the session feeling the full-body work. This class is not recommended for students with injuries or who may be in need of modifications.


mixed level

SpringBarre is an upbeat, mixed level class that incorporates the Springboard, Barre and contemporary Pilates matwork. This class is a great way to switch it up from reformer classes and still get all the benefits of Pilates.


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Restorative reformer
Open Level

Restorative Reformer is ideal for students of all levels and ages that are looking to move mindfully, increase mobility, and move with more awareness. This class is custom tailored by each instructor to the needs of the students and can focus on body areas that may be in need of more attention.  You will leave this class feeling better, standing taller, and moving with more ease.

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stretch + Strength
Open Level

This is an all levels class that is the perfect combination of strengthening and stretching using the reformer, foam roller and additional studio equipment and props. This class will work through tight spots and correct faulty patterns, as well as help correct body mechanics and strengthen weaker postural muscles by way of yoga methods and Pilates movements. As in all of our classes, you can expect to focus on core stabilization and strength with the added deep release and stretch of your upper and lower extremities.


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