MW Monthly: Brain Health

This month, I wanted to highlight a subject we don't usually talk about: Our Brains. Taking care of our brain is a lifelong task. Just like our bodies, we have to continue to challenge the brain but also balance it with rest. 

Pilates engages the brain differently because it challenges it to make connections throughout the body, unlike other forms of exercise where the goal is to simply move in a way that will burn calories. Pilates challenges you to feel, breathe and connect in a deeper way in order to move efficiently and with good alignment. This deeper awareness builds strength in both the body and the brain.   

Exercise and proper nutrition are key to brain health, but there are other tools that can help you optimize its function as well. Luckily, we are privy to such tools and have an awesome offer this month from one of our fantastic clients! Read more below...

With Grace and Ease,

Brain Illustration

SuperBrain Neurofeedback offers brain training for the whole family in Albany, CA. Brain training is effortless neurofeedback that helps your brain organize and optimize, allowing you to increase focus and better manage stress. During the 33-minute brain training session, you simply relax and listen to music.  People report feeling more centered, more grounded, more focused, and are sleeping better after the first session.  Most find that as you accumulate sessions and your brain becomes more optimized, stress-related symptoms start to melt away.  

Use coupon code "MOVEWITH" to receive $50 off your first single or duet session.

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